I really liked the coaching calls with Marc and how he checks in with each student; not only on the broad perspective of an Ayurvedic lifestyle but how it affects each one of us and our constitutions differently. I've definitely changed my perspective regarding my evolution into the person I want to become.

Erika Mercer

Yoga Teacher /
Virginia Beach, VA

Initially I thought I was already so ‘self aware’ and found myself rushing through the actions of my day.  Now I move more fluidly with a calm awareness.  Additionally, I thought I would have no time left in my day to do this course, but the pace was perfect.

John Pugh

VP Sales Lighting Co. /
Miami FL

I had never done an online course before and wondered if it would be worth it. I feel like a completely new person. Marc’s guidance was amazing. I loved the guest speakers and the e-books accompanying each habit. A life-changing course for people on the go all the time.

Joe Ross

Art Teacher /
London, UK

Marc’s encouragement on the tele-seminars and the daily support from the community on Facebook were vital for me to stay on track. I saw the biggest changes in my daily routine around meditation, movement, and body care.

Susanne Baumann-Cox

Conference interpreter, journalist, translator, yoga teacher / Graz, Austria

There are countless benefits from this course. Before, I felt very disconnected to my every day life and was suffering from morning stomach issues and intense sugar cravings. These are nearly all gone now. I’ve even found extra time to start the day more mindfully. With accountability to our group and Marc, I always felt connected to our Dinacharya community. It gave me confidence knowing I was supported and not alone.“

Emily Albee

Yoga Teacher RYT 200 /
Tarpon Springs, FL

Prior to the course, I LOVED sleep, but there was no real routine with regard to it. Now I am established in a routine that has enhanced deeper rest in the night. As a result, waking earlier is easeful and more natural. Some of the habits are challenging, but I learned that my edge can be pushed in a smaller, safer way. How can I teach my students they deserve better if I don't believe it for me?

Samantha Simons

Yoga Teacher, Studio Mgr / Poulsbo, WA

Before the Evolutionary Habits course I felt rushed, dull, always tired, and like I was underneath a veil. I’d wake up late each morning, but it wasn’t a relaxing sleep. I’d often drink wine before bed to unwind. Upon finishing the course and integrating most of the habits with Marc’s help, the nightly wine ritual naturally fell away! I’m waking up earlier, I feel more awake, more aware of people and nature. It seems that my antennas got a new alignment!

Andrea Sauter

Yoga Teacher / Stuttgart Germany

I loved how approachable this course was. It is paced so that there is enough space and time for each habit to gain momentum in a natural way. I am now eating earlier and lighter dinners, using more oil on body, and am more mindful of the quality of my downtime. I recommend Evolutionary Habits to anyone who is willing to change their current habits in order to live a better life. It’s brought much clarity and awarenessinto what I do and why I do it.

Marina Calado


Thank you Marc! I have learned so much about my self and my body.

Bente Ramsing

Yoga Teacher, Denmark