√ More energy
√ Deeper rest
√ Better diet
√ Sustained mental focus
√ Improved immune integrity


Ayurveda’s core philosophy is clear:
Maintaining a healthy Body, Mind, and Soul is the key to a deeply contented life.
Who holds this key?
You do.

You are your own best caregiver

Ayurveda is more than simply an ancient medical science practiced in a faraway land. Ayurveda is a way of life. It reminds us that when we live in cooperation with Nature, there is no limit to the degree of balance and happiness we can experience.

Rooted in the earliest Ayurvedic texts, the elegant regimen for health and wellbeing called DINACHARYA emerges. Translated simply as “daily routine,” Dinacharya is our launching pad for Evolutionary Habits.

Evolutionary Habits is groundbreaking in its approach to health coaching. By integrating ancient wisdom with the modern science of Habit Change, I’ve created an interactive 10-week program designed to deepen your alignment with Nature’s rhythms, restore balance, and uplevel your self-care with Dinacharya habits that will support and nourish you for a lifetime.

In this course, you will learn:

  • √ 10 practical Dinacharya habits
  • √ Ayurveda philosophy
  • √ Behavioral Science basics to help you gain traction with your new habits
  • √ Strategies for more restorative sleep, increased energy, and improved digestion
  • √ Tips on how to care for your sense organs
  • √ Meditation techniques that last
  • √ Practical ways to shift from Overwhelm to Ease
  • √ So much more!

Happiness is influenced by great health,
and great health is influenced by a great lifestyle